Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PKR Miri chairman ready to take on any BN candidate in coming election

MIRI: PKR Miri chairman Dr Micheal Teo said he was game for the challenge from any BN candidate in Miri after being verbally told that he would be the man for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) although the official announcement has yet to be made.

“We don’t want to pressure them to make the announcement as they are national leaders who have to look after seats throughout the country, and Miri is only one seat,” he said as DAP continued to stake its claim here.

DAP’s Lim Su Kien has been picked by the party to stand in Miri but a fallout by the grassroots leaders over her candidacy that led to the sacking of six party veterans here has been a poser for her as a winnable candidate.

On his part, Dr Teo has moved a notch higher by purchasing a brand new double cab and will be unfurling a mobile stage this week in his bid to stand in the May 5 general election.

“It does not matter who I face from BN as it is about policy and nobody can say that I did nothing as I had been ready to stand in the parliamentary constituency barely days after the last state election,” he added.

For the campaign, he said he would use multimedia technology to give effective visual impact rather than just relying on speech.

Dr Teo said records would show that he had been serving the constituents in Miri and outside for the past two years apart from helping PR with the distribution of 4,500 free radios in remote areas, helping the needy and doing charity works in Miri.

He also said he was ready for a debate on any subject with the BN candidate for Miri.

“BN leaders challenged us for debates in the last state election, and I am throwing it back to them in this parliamentary election,” he added.

Asked whether it was worthwhile to spend substantial amounts of money on political pursuits, he replied: “I hope to have the last laugh when I beat them and when BN collapses.”

Dr Teo alleged that there were already quarters trying to sabotage him but they were stopped in their tracks by his security team.

“They tried to take down our flags in front of my clinic but fled when they were spotted,” he said. - theborneopost

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