Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Too early for BN to declare victory – DAP candidates

SIBU: DAP candidate for Lanang Alice Lau Kiong Yieng says it is premature for BN leaders to make a sweeping statement that BN will remain in power after the May 5 election.

“They said it was impossible for Pakatan Raykat (PR) to win the election as we were a loose alliance. But let me remind them that it is the voters who will determine who is going to form the government on May 5,” she told a press conference here yesterday.

“We are confident that the people are mature and more intelligent. They know the need for a change of government for the betterment of future generations,” she said.

Lau said that the people should vote for those who would truly speak up for them, either in parliament or the state assembly, unlike BN candidates.

“So what is the point of electing these people who only think and make money for themselves?”

She also refuted the statements made by BN leaders that the opposition could not do anything other than making noises and giving empty promises.

She said BN could have forgotten that the opposition was there to provide the check-and-balance while it was for the ruling party to implement the projects.

“Give PR the mandate to rule and we will show to BN that we are not only good at talking but also good at implementing projects.”

DAP candidate for Sibu Oscar Ling Chai Yaw, meanwhile, refuted the statement made by SUPP’s Daniel Ngieng during a recent talk on the ‘powerless’ DAP in the three-party PR coalition.

Ngieng had said he pitied DAP because DAP was powerless and could not do anything when it came to the implementation of hudud laws.

“We have made it very clear that we are equal partners in policy making, unlike SUPP which is truly a powerless party with its leaders lacking the political clout to speak out on any issues.

“Or even if their leaders speak out, it will not carry any weight as their coalition partners would not listen to them.”

A vote for SUPP, Ling said, would be wasted as their representatives could not do anything for them.

“SUPP, after going through all their internal bickering over the years, is no longer a relevant party. So vote for the PR candidate and we will bring you changes,” Ling said.-theborneopost.

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