Saturday, 27 April 2013

GE13: SWP president fires latest broadside at rival PRS

Proof: Sng showing the bank statement during the press conference at SWP headquarters in Kuching.

KUCHING: SWP president Larry Sng has fired his latest broadside at PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing, claiming that the latter has neglected a rural education fund.

Called “Yayasan Kapit Education Fund Charitable Trust”, Sng said it was set up in 2005, with contributions from the local elected representatives, and Masing was its chairman.

“Since 2005 until today, not a single sen has been spent on the purpose that it was intended to be established for,” claimed Sng, the fund’s secretary.

“I have with me the latest bank statement dated March 13, 2013, which states that as of today, the account totals RM75,903. In my capacity as secretary (of the trust), I’ve constantly reminded the chairman to call for a meeting in order for us to proceed with the disbursement of the funds,” he told a press conference here yesterday

Sng, who is contesting in Lubok Antu, one of six PRS constituencies that SWP is fielding candidates in, said Masing had “declined, refused and ignored” the duties as chairman of the trust, “due to political reasons”.

“We have had two meetings. I have the minutes of the meetings here with me. The first was held on April 13, 2005. The second meeting was (on) March 6, 2006, which he also (signed the minutes for). Both minutes were signed by Masing himself. Since then, we have been reminding him to call for a meeting, to the extent that we have forwarded copies to the Chief Minister (Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud).”

Sng said the trust would have spent the RM75,000 annually, but since not a sen had been spent, Kapit students have been deprived of an estimated RM800,000.

“I know members of the (trust) committee are very concerned regarding this fund. We have met in private on several occasions.”

When asked why he had chosen to release the information now during the campaign period, Sng replied that when he was part of the Barisan Nasional-led state government, he tried to settle the matter internally.

“We have been reminding him (Masing) for many years. PRS has a very poor track record as far as delivering on welfare and education to the rural people. I want to see what Masing has to say now.”

“I have been trying to resolve this matter for over the last seven years as the secretary of the trust,” he said.

The SWP president said under the Unclaimed Moneys Act, 1965, all untouched accounts would be classified as unclaimed money after seven years, and thus, forfeited.

“Which is partly why I’m bringing this matter to the press today.”

Masing, when contacted yesterday, said Sng was the one who failed to perform his duties.

“He was once the adviser to the chief minister on youths and it was his responsibility as the fund’s secretary to call a meeting after consultation with the chairman.

“Ask him if he did that?” said Masing.

“We will take the necessary action to use the education fund once Larry is no longer involved with the fund.”-thestar online

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