Friday, 26 April 2013

GE13: Selangau battle becomes litigious after Entulu sued for RM100mil

KUCHING: SWP has filed a defamation suit against Barisan Nasional’s Selangau candidate Datuk Joseph Entulu.

SWP, as the first plaintiff, party adviser Datuk Sng Chee Hua and his son and president Larry Sng, the second and third plaintiffs respectively, are seeking RM100mil in damages.

The party filed its application through Jonathan Jalin and Company Advocates at the Kuching High Court yesterday.

Jonathan told a press conference that he had filed the application upon the instruction of Sng and Larry after Entulu kept on repeating the same statement during his election campaign.

“Our application, however, is based on the defamatory words uttered/spoken by the defendant on or about Dec 30, 2012 while delivering his political speech at Rumah Joseph Serang, Skuau Resettlement Scheme in Selangau, which was attended by between 250 and 300 people,” he said here yesterday.

Entulu is alleged to have uttered the defamatory words/remarks in Iban against the plaintiffs, to the effect that the SWP’s insurance scheme was a fraud and would cease to exist once the general election was over.

Entulu is alleged to have said that Sng was making profit out of every insured party member who died because instead of giving the family of a dead member RM10,000, Sng only gave RM2,500, and pocketing the balance of RM7,500.

He is also alleged to have said that Sng would be making a profit of RM75,000 out of 10 dead party members, thus “enriching themselves from the dead party members”.

The application also included an injunction to restrain the defendant whether by himself, his servants or agents or otherwise, from further publishing or causing to be published the words or any similar words defamatory against the plaintiffs.

Entulu is involved in a three-cornered fight against Sng and PKR’s Joshua Jabing @ Joshua Jabeng for the Selangau seat.- thestar online

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