Sunday, 28 April 2013

GE13: Remember good deeds of Government, Chinese urged

KUCHING: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hopes that Barisan Nasional's track record of good deeds for the Chinese community will be remembered on polling day.

The Barisan chairman said the Government had not only guaranteed the survival of Chinese education in Malaysia but had pledged to fund these schools continuously.

“It is a fact that outside China and Taiwan, no other government is as accommodating and liberal on Chinese education as we are. In Singapore, for instance, there are no more Chinese schools,” he said at the launch of the expansion of SJKC Chung Hua 2 here yesterday.

He said that during his tenure as Education Minister, he made a bold move by abolishing a section of the law that allowed the Government to convert vernacular schools into national schools.

Najib said that since he took office as Prime Minister, the Government had provided RM100mil annually for Chinese schools.

“Always remember when good deeds are done for you. That is gratitude. It is part of Chinese culture. I hope the present generation will remember that,” he said.

Earlier, at a gathering in Kampung Semeba in the Stampin parliamentary constituency, Najib said he was optimistic of Barisan's chances in the state, judging from the people's mood in the places that he had visited.

“I believe the people in Sarawak are happy with Barisan's performance and have high confidence in the federal and state governments,” he said.

He said that unlike the opposition, Barisan had a transformation agenda that would uplift the country into a developed one by 2020.

“Our transformation programmes are not only about big figures, projects and businesses but they will bring a positive impact to the ordinary people, too,” he said.

Najib admitted that he had persuaded SUPP stalwart Datuk Yong Khoon Seng to withdraw his decision to retire and defend the Stampin parliamentary seat for Barisan.

“I will not forget Yong and the people in Stampin.

“If Yong wins, I will consider something for him, which will also be good for the people,” he said.-thestar online

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