Friday, 7 March 2014

‘SSM not Taib or anyone’s running dog’

Sarawak Sovereignty Movement said their group is apolitical, entirely pursuing civil movement to restore Sarawak’s rights

KUCHING: A Sarawak nationalists movement here has denied that it is a protégé of PBB and the “running dog” of former chief minister-turned governor Taib Mahmud.

The group, Sarawak Sovereignty Movement (SSM), reiterated that it was apolitical and focused on restoring the rights of Sarawak as a free and independent nation.

Said SSM spokesman Morshidi Abdul Rahman: “We have been asked and challenged to answer allegations that SSM is a protege of PBB, the main ruling party in Sarawak, and being used by (Pehin Sri) Taib Mahmud, the former Chief Minister of Sarawak and now the newly appointed Yang Di Pertua Negara Sarawak (Governor).

“We have made it clear from the beginning of our existence that SSM apolitical and purely pursuing a civil movement to restore the rights of Sarawak as a free and independent nation and to fight for the reinstatement of all the undertakings agreed between Federated State of Malaya, Singapore Sarawak and North Borneo, before and after it agreed to form Malaysia.

“Due to the failure of the Federal Government, a.k.a Malaya to comply with the terms of Malaysia Agreement of 1963 (MA63) and the continuous non-compliance of these contractual obligations of the parties involved, our movement opined that Sarawak and Sabah should be entitle to forcibly enforced its rights to secede.

He further added: “We do not pursue secession but want to call for a National Referendum for Sarawak to ask our people whether they still want to be part of Malaysia, after all our rights have been sidelined and our natural resources like oil & gas, and taxes are taken to fill the Federal coffers.”

The referendum, he said was the best choice, and it gave a better reflection of what the Sarawak people want; whereas ballot boxes through electoral means are subject to election frauds and abuses.

“SSM members came from varied background and political leanings, but we are united in one voice, to seek our freedom and independence through a people’s referendum and with the one common denomination and war cry – Sarawak for Sarawakians.

“We have realised our activities are getting popular, accepted by the younger generations, gaining acceptance and momentum.

“Thus, we see perpetrators and evil hand trying to bring in divisive politics into our midst as clearly reflected when John Brian Anthony of DAP Sarawak and Vernon (Aji) Kedit of PKR, openly accusing us of being used by the former Chief Minister and being a protege of PBB (Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu)”, Morshidi said in a statement issued today.

Civil rights movement

Brian and Kedit are among SSM’s 10,000 Facebook members. SSM was established on April 14, 2013.

Both had started some heated discussions inside the group in recent weeks.

Kedit even posted a FMT’s commentary, “Did Taib hold Najib to ransom with S’wak seats” published last month. In the article the writer had suggested that SSM was Taib’s brainchild.

He alleged that SSM a part of ‘Taib’s endeavour to have bargaining power to ensure his descent into the Sarawak governor’s post’.

“The article states, ‘an online group called the Sarawak Sovereignty Movement (SSM) that called for independence from Malaya became active. This was another attempt by Taib to obtain more bargaining power’”

To this Kedit posted that SSM must publicly deny allegations in the report failing which the public will assume the writer was correct.

When announcing his resignation from the Sarawak Chief Minister post, Taib reminded his successor to continue protecting Sarawak’s rights under Malaysia Agreement 1963, and emphasising on the ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ sentiment.

“Just because some of these politicians (Taib and BN leaders) are picking up the dictum Sarawak for Sarawakians does not mean that we are their running dogs.

“We fight for Sarawak sovereignty and not for any political agendas or that of being called protege of any party.

“Let SSM members be assured that we will continue to be a civil struggle for the better future of Sarawak and that we will fight for our rights as an independent nation,” Morshidi said. - fmtborneoplus

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