Saturday, 22 March 2014

PKR questions presence of FRU at their ceramah

MUKAH: PKR calls on the relevant authorities to look into the necessity of sending Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) to their (ceramah) political talk.

“It is okay for Special Branch and police to be present. But it is ridiculous to send FRU to our ceramah. We promise we are not going to do anything bad.

“The FRU were present in two of our ceramah already including last night at Balingian (sub-district).

“We are not demonstrating and we have the permit for meeting. Is the presence of FRU necessary?” questioned Abg Zulkifli Abg Engkeh, a PKR spokesman at
the party’s daily press conference held at its operation room at Boulevard Satia Raja here yesterday.

While Abg Zulkifli commented on the presence of FRU, state PKR deputy secretary Lynette Tan held the view that it was unbecoming of state BN chairman Tan Sri Datuk Anar Adenan Satem to say that there would be no allocation for the people through the elected representative of opposition.

“This to me is a threat. It is disappointing that he (Adenan) as a chief minister would say something like that,” said Tan.

Meanwhile, committee member of PKR Sri Aman branch Nicholas Mujah commented that announcement of allocation for building SK Kpg Tellian and a secondary school in Balingian sub-district was not good enough.

“The school (SK Kpg Tellian) has been promised by the government in many elections. People here have reserved (feelings) about the promises made. The majority of people I met did not believe that it would be built,” said Nicholas.

He thus challenged the BN government to put in place at least an earth-breaking to show that the government was serious in implementing the project.

Nicholas who has been moving around the Iban areas in Balingian sub-district said he found out that the Ibans have some grievances which included Native Customary Land Rights encroachment and hazardous mega economic projects which, despite bringing revenue to the state government, have raised health security issue among the people within the vicinity.

He said the setting up of a smelting plant here failed to increase the income of the Ibans.

Rather it helped in diminishing their incomes because the Ibans could plant their agricultural products but their trees could not bear fruits due to severe air pollution. - theborneopost

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