Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shafie Apdal rallies support for Nanta

KAPIT: Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal yesterday called on voters in Kapit constituency to give their votes to BN-PBB candidate Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi to enable him to win the seat with a big majority.

The Minister of Regional and Rural Development also told them that this 13th general election was not about determining the chief minister but about electing a leader who could serve them and giving Barisan Nasional (BN) a bigger mandate to rule the country.

“If Alexander wins with a big majority, he can fight for you with a bigger allocation over the next five years and if he and BN win then perhaps he will hold a higher position at the federal level,” he said at the ‘Leaders-With-The-People’ gathering at Rumah Ribut, Nanga Serau, Katibas in Song district on Monday.

Seeing that Song had progressed with many development projects taking place, he told the people that it was equally vital to balance physical and infrastructural development with human capital development.

As such, he said the government would continue to ensure that the development of human capital would be further enhanced through the setting up of educational facilities or institutions.

He also told the people to vote for BN to ensure that development programmes planned for them were not interrupted.

At the same time, he advised the people not to vote for DAP as it had not been able to bring any development to them and was only good at talking.

Speaking earlier, Nanta, the BN candidate for Kapit, thanked the federal government and the Ministry of Regional and Rural Development for allocating RM443 million for various development projects in Kapit parliamentary constituency.

He expressed hope that more allocation would be given to the constituency if BN continued to form the government after the May 5 election.

He added that the visit made by Shafie was his third visit to Song since 2009 which reflected his (Shafie’s) sincerity and commitment to the rural community.

“It is his visit in 2009 that shed light to the people in Song with the announcement of the Kapit-Song-Kanowit road project that has now taken off,” he added.

Meanwhile, Katibas assemblyman Datuk Ambrose Blikau Anak Enturan, who also spoke at the function, reminded the people not to gamble away their future by voting for the opposition but to give their full support to BN.

He assured that the road connecting Song to Kanowit would be materialised in the next 3 years, thus making Song no longer an island.

“Thus we must not kill the goose that lays the golden egg. I call on all those who have strayed away from BN to rejoin the fold to further strengthen the BN front,” he said.

Also present were the deputy permanent secretary to the Ministry of Regional and Rural Development Datuk Yusof Dohab, principal director of Community Development (Kemas) Datuk Hassan Amin, Blikau’s wife Datin Marie Therese Blikau, Deputy Kapit Resident (Development) Selamat Jati Yanjah, Song district officer Galong Luang, heads of other government departments and community leaders.

Earlier upon arrival, the minister was briefed by Galong on the development projects under RMK and NKRA for Song district.-theborneopost

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