Friday, 3 May 2013

GE13: A lot of half truths at Pakatan’s ceramah, says Lo

KUCHING: Voters in Stampin have been urged not to be taken in by big talks at Pakatan Rakyat’s ceramah.

Making this call, Kota Sentosa SUPP vice-chairman Lo Khere Chiang said there was a lot of half truths conveyed in Pakatan’s political rallies.

“I know a lot of people have been attending these ceramah and having a good time like they are enjoying some kind of entertainment or movie whenever Pakatan’s speakers scold us in Barisan Nasional.

“However, what can Pakatan, which comprises peninsular-based parties, really offer Sarawakians?” he asked at the Fellowship of Eight Gods/Goddesses Society Kuching’s temporary site opening here yesterday.

Lo, who is also Padawan Municipal Council chairman, said voters should discern between having elected representatives who shouted and talked in Parliament, and those who were hard-working on the ground and sincere in pushing for development in the state.

He hoped voters would give their support to Barisan’s Stampin candidate Datuk Yong Khoon Seng, who represented a local-based party, SUPP, which was sincere in looking after the people’s welfare.

Yong, who is seeking a sixth term, is facing DAP’s Julian Tan Kok Ping and STAR’s Lina Soo in a three-cornered fight.

Yong said it was pivotal for everyone to do his part in maintaining the unity and peace the country enjoyed today.

He also hoped that voters would give him another term to work for them and promised to do his best in serving them.

Earlier, the Fellowship of Eight Gods/Goddesses Society Kuching chairman Sim Yaw Hui said a developer demolished their eight-year-old temple mid-March because it wanted to build a new commercial centre.

He said the developer was not helpful because it said the temple was squatting on their land.

“But the thing is the temple committee bought the land for RM10,000 years ago when the temple was set up.

“Initially, the developer offered a compensation of RM12,000 a year ago and after a third round of negotiation, RM28,000. We refused because we preferred to be given a piece of land so that we can rebuild our temple,” he said.

Sim said devotees were very upset with the developer and hoped that the state government could alienate a land for the temple.

He said the temple committee and devotees had to make do with a temporary site nearby for the time being until the government could allocate a piece of land.

“A lot of people did not know of our existence until the temple was demolished. We’re famous now but for all the wrong reasons.”-thestar online

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