Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Proposed Baleh Bridge will open up vast interior

KAPIT: The proposed Baleh Bridge to be built at a cost of RM77 million will take 30 months to complete.

Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication Dato Sri Michael Manyin said the bridge would link Kapit to the vast interior of Baleh that would also eventually provide connectivity (by road) to the proposed Baleh Dam in the near future.

He said he was optimistic that if the people continued to choose BN as the government, not only would the bridge and the feeder roads be built but also the long overdue Kanowit-Kapit road.

He said that RM248 million was already allocated for building the 34.7km road linking Song and Kapit.

“The remaining links of at least 90km, including two main bridges, would be implemented in stages.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Land Development Tan Sri Dr James Masing said the proposed Baleh Bridge would definitely open vast tract of land in the interior when it was completed.

He said that some 30,000 people in Baleh would benefit from the project.

“This connectivity will change the demographic pattern of the area as the people can choose to live in their longhouses or in the nearby towns. This will facilitate movement of people who are now still depending on river transport,” said the Baleh assemblyman.

Masing also believed that once the Baleh HEP Dam was implemented in future, the entire Baleh area would be connected with 100km of road which would cost some RM2 billion to build. -theborneopost

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