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BN’s four methods to win the polls

Selena Tay March 7, 2012

The ruling coalition has four distinct methods of winning the general election and this includes cheating.

Barisan Nasional is using three powerful and distinct methods to win the forthcoming 13th general election and their methods can be grouped into three main categories, namely:
1. Population re-engineering;
2. Propaganda to brainwash the citizens; and
3. Philosophy of Malay Supremacy and 1Malaysia.
There is a fourth method but we will go into that later.
First of all, population re-engineering. The demographics of the nation has changed greatly from the 1980s right on to this year.
In the 1990s, there was a great influx of Filipinos and Indonesians into Sabah and these people were given citizenship in droves. The situation has not seen any improvement and many original Sabahans and origianal natives of Sabah are already questioning this “Project IC”. But the BN federal government has not taken any measures to address the situation.
Fast forward to the new century and now it is already very obvious that even the demography of Peninsular Malaysia has undergone a drastic change.
In the heart of Kuala Lumpur around the location of Central Market, the foreign worker population has outnumbered the locals with Bangladeshi workers being the most in number followed by the Indonesians and the Myanmarese. In the Selayang wholesale market, the Myanmar population hold sway while in Damansara Damai and Jalan Chow Kit in KL, it is the Indonesians who number the most; the list can go on and on.
Some of these foreign workers are even wearing t-shirts belonging to a certain political party, maybe it has been given to them free of charge but perhaps there is a more sinister reason behind it.
PKR’s Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin has highlighted that there was an attempt to give Malaysian citizenship to 2,000 low-skilled foreign workers in Hulu Selangor and in October last year, PAS Youth managed to spot busloads of foreign workers near Putrajaya who were supposed to go for an entrepreneur course.
All these cloak-and-dagger stuff is going on to the detriment of the local population’s employment chances. So far, the home minister has chosen to maintain an “elegant silence” on these matters although the same has been highlighted in Parliament.

Indians must wake up

The change in population demographics is now so bad that the foreign worker population is already more than the Malaysian Indians. The Indians number about two million while the official count of the foreign workers is 2.8 million. And that is only the official count. What about the unofficial count? Soon too they will be more than the Chinese if the government does not curb their influx. There is surely something very wrong with the nation’s administration if the foreign worker population is more than one segment of the local population. Perhaps it is time for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat to consider campaigning to the foreign workers too!
This columnist hopes that the Indians who read this write-up will wake up to the fact that the voice and employment opportunities of the Malaysian Indians are slowly being eroded by the foreign worker policy of the BN government. Indians must wake up now, otherwise it is too late.
Next is propaganda. The mainstream media is BN’s propaganda tool. All the mainstream papers as well as all the television and radio channels are BN’s mouthpiece and all they do is bad-mouth Pakatan 24/7.
Besides the mainstream media, there is the dreaded Biro Tata Negara (BTN) or National Civics Bureau whose job is to indoctrinate civil servants to be anti-opposition and to worship the belief-system called Malay Supremacy. During BTN courses, the Malays are brainwashed into thinking that if Umno falls, the Malay race will be wiped out.
Now there is a newly set up Strategic Communications And Psychological War Unit in the Youth and Sports Ministry as revealed by PAS Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar. This said unit has spent RM40 million of taxpayers’ money staying in Sarawak three months before the 10th Sarawak state elections last year. Mahfuz further added that this unit has no financial records and its funds are obtained directly from the Youth and Sports Ministry
The purpose of this unit is to influence and brainwash the youths into voting for BN as a recent survey has revealed that the youth voters are not very BN-friendly.

Two philosopies

Philosophy is BN’s third deadly weapon with Malay Supremacy being a philosophy propagated by Umno to secure the Malay votes till the end of time. This racist belief is a programmed Malay-microchip implanted in the Malay brain and that is the main reason why PAS is having difficulty in gaining Malay support. This Malay Supremacy philosophy has become the heart and soul of the Malay and is in their lifeblood.
As for 1Malaysia, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has said that it is a philosophy. That may be so. Nevertheless, it is a philosophy to dupe the non-Malays into pledging their loyalty to BN. It is just an empty make-you-feel-good philosophy that everything is fair and equal in Malaysia – which according to BN is a Utopia for all Malaysians.
Therefore, BN has two philosophies: one to get the Malay vote and the other to secure the non-Malay vote. Insidious! It is this fiendish ploy that has ensured their survival for more than 54 years and perhaps more.
And now for the fourth method that BN can employ to win at the polls: cheating. Plain cheating via manipulation of the electoral rolls by the Election Commission (EC). Transferring out the eligible voters’ names, adding in dubious voters and phantom voters, manipulating the postal votes and the list goes on
Yes, BN is using all these methods and much more. Pakatan MPs have raised these issues with the EC but to no avail. The question now is what can the Malaysian citizens do about it?

Selena Tay is a FMT columnist.

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