Monday, 28 October 2013

Parti Bumi Kenyalang lukewarm to next election

SIBU: Newly formed political party Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) has no intention to contest in the next election as it is in the midst of recruitment, but did not discount the possibility.

PBK president Yu Chang Ping said its main aim now was to promote, expand the party base and setting up its branches in urban as well as rural areas in the state.

“We will have a session soon with other component parties in Pakatan Rakyat to discuss in detail about our role and respective strategies to be adopted in the next state and federal election.

“Our focus is rural areas because we believe they are the most important key places for future development,” he told a press conference to announce the official formation of the party at a hotel here yesterday.

He said the party was among five new political parties in the state approved by Registrar of Societies (ROS) and so far it had over 70 members statewide.

It received ROS approval on Sept 2 this year after it submitted the application in 2008, he said.

“We plan to recruit 500 to 1,000 members in our first year, particularly from the Iban community and young and experienced people.

“We want to do the best for the people,” said Yu, a 39-year-old businessman from Bintulu.

Elaborating on the party’s struggle, he said PBK agreed and supports the two-party system to run the country to prevent cronyism, nepotism and corruption in order for the country to have a better competitive advantage, eradicate poverty and improve living standards for all citizens.

“PBK is formed by a group of people from various races and generations who are interested in social reformation in order to establish a peaceful and prosperous social democracy and offering equal access and opportunity.

“We are also upholding democratic governance, creating wealth and distributing it equally and fight for the rights of people of Sarawak,” he said.

Meanwhile, others in PBK committee line up are: Ngelayang Unau as vice president, Rali Wong as secretary, Yu Chin Liik as deputy secretary, Ling K K and Jessie Ngelayang as assistant secretaries, Ling Mee Hua as treasurer, Lai Chii Chuan as assistant treasurer, Lau Ing Siong as organising secretary, Lu Yew Ai as assistant publicity secretary and Moslie Ladi Sentu as deputy youth chief.

Its committee members are Serijin Ubong, Sentu Itan, Jemain Uji, Susie Buah, Yie Sie Tung, Ngu Song Hua, Yii Hie Lien, Neo Kiaw Fong, Lau Ai Lien, Sia Chui Guan, Ang Hui Lee, Annie Lau Siew Ching, Nguang Swee Lang, Lau Hua Rong, Wang Kang Quan, Zhang Lien Hua, Lee Chee Mien, Kong Siew Kiaw and Wong Fei.

Yu said there were a few important positions still vacant and waiting to be filled by suitable and capable candidates. - theborneopost

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