Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DAP sacks Pujut rep for insubordination

Fong Pau Teck
KUCHING: DAP Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Teck has been sacked for insubordination and the one-term assemblyman has also been instructed by the party to give up his Pujut seat to pave way for a fresh by-election.

The party Disciplinary Committee chairman Tan Kok Wai issued a statement, announcing the party’s decision to expel Fong with immediate effect yesterday after the disciplinary committee reached an unanimous decision on his position in the party.

He said the decision was based on the fact that Fong had disobeyed the party’s directives and rules including refusal to pay the mandatory monthly contribution to the party and hence breaching party discipline on many occasions.

“Fong’s refusal to pay the mandatory monthly contribution to the party as well as the arrears owing to the party as a result of the increment in the allowance of Sarawak state assemblymen constitutes an act of insubordination to a party directive.

“The disciplinary committee finds that Fong’s insubordination has set a very bad precedent
which is unpardonable,” said Tan.

The statement pointed out that Fong had been directed to resign his seat in the Sarawak State Assembly as required by the party’s constitution.

However, according to the party’s constitution, Fong has 14 days to appeal in writing against the party’s decision from the date of his expulsion letter.

Fong, when contacted said he had no comment for the time being and did not answer to the question if he would appeal or pay up the outstanding mandatory monthly contribution to save his political career.

The 44-year-old assemblyman Pujut state assemblyman joined the party for about ten years and was elected in 2011 state election after defeating SUPP’s Andy Chia with a majority of 3,849.

Meanwhile, state DAP deputy chairman Chiew Chiu Sing said he agreed with the decision of the disciplinary committee to sack Fong as the latter had violated the party’s constitution.

On the possibility of Fong resigning from the Pujut constituency to give way to a by-election, Chiew believed that as a gentleman, Fong should do as directed by the party.

“He stood under DAP and he won because people were supporting DAP. As a gentleman, he should resign and give the seat back to DAP,” said the Kidurong assemblyman.- theborneopost

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