Saturday, 10 August 2013

SPDP looking to resolve issues after GE13

MIRI: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) will be holding its first state-level annual general meeting (AGM) after the 13th General Election (GE13) in Bintulu soon.

Various issues to be highlighted at the AGM include the proposed Baram Dam, postmortem of the GE13, new candidates for the next state election, and issues concerning the five SPDP members (G5) who had been sacked.

SPDP members at the grassroots level hope party leaders and supreme council members will announce a transformation agenda to resolve the many problems faced by the party.

A party member cum ambassador Jaya Ramba said the supreme council should realise a need for transformation following a recent disunity and disagreement among party members that might be responsible for an almost 50 per cent drop in support from the community.

“Maybe the party’s supreme council is not aware the reason for the drop in support may be due to disunity among SPDP members, and it may lead to the sacrifice of SPDP candidates in every area.

“This problem has become big after members of other parties also got involved and made the situation got worst. Therefore, the party leaders should identify the best solution for this before discussing projects not the party’s agenda like Baram Dam,” he said in a statement given to media here yesterday.

“Based on my observation, the AGM in Miri, Limbang and Marudi was held during a difficult situation and some areas did not hold any AGM. In Baram, there was disunity among members and the winning candidate did not make any attempt to reunite them,” he claimed.

Transformation, he said, should start at the supreme council level with good relationship and unity among members at the grassroots level “to prevent outsiders getting involved in our party’s matters”.

He hoped the state-level AGM will be held in Bintulu soon for everyone to agree and improve the party’s stand.

On the G5 issue, Jaya said the door had been closed for them with many party members including himself agreeing with party president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom that there is no more place for the group.

“There is no point giving them the opportunity to return to the party as they have rejected it. Furthermore as party members, we do not want leaders from other parties to get involved in this issue.

“In fact, places left vacant by the G5 members should be filled by well-educated younger members. Their replacements should be candidates who can look into the needs of the people in their areas,” he added.- theborneopost

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