Friday, 16 August 2013

Name calling draws flak from Chong’s new assistant

KUCHING: The new special assistant to state DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen is not happy that he has been branded a ‘Malay traitor’ by a certain non-governmental organisation (NGO).

At a press conference here yesterday, Abdul Aziz Isa regretted that Sarawak Malay Civilisation Association (Adab) had made a posting in its official facebook page that he is a “three-star stooge, Malay traitor and apostate” for joining the DAP, which was subsequently carried by pro-BN social media sites Wira Kenyalang and Unreported News.

“What does Adab mean by apostate? It is a immature action from an NGO. It does not stop there as the same slander was made by pro-BN media such as Wira Kenyalang and unreported News.

“I am sad these people made slander and false accusation in the month of Shawwal that is full of forgiveness. Adab is playing up racial sentiment here,” he said at DAP headquarters here.

Aziz said the association should not issue a political statement affiliated to certain parties, adding that every word the NGO used “is disgusting”.

He stressed that DAP “is a party for young people” like him to uphold justice and “defend the Malays and other Bumiputeras long ignored by the government”.

According to him, many new generation Malays who are educated and exposed to information and facts are now DAP members.

“That is why youngsters like us choose DAP as a struggle to become the check and balance to the ruling party. We reject race-based politics but fight for unity-based politics that benefit the people politically, economically and socially because we are Malaysians.”

Noting that DAP does not limit its membership to a particular race, Aziz said BN component parties, however, draw a clear line on their memberships.

“Unlike BN limiting party membership to a single race like Umno for Malays, MCA for Chinese and MIC for Indians, DAP is a political party that fights for freedom, equality, social and economic justice and parliamentary democracy.”

He thus urged Adab to be more open-minded, realistic and stop any prejudice against DAP. - 

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