Thursday, 15 August 2013

DAP taken to task over accusations

KUCHING: SUPP Central Youth chief Tan Kai yesterday scoffed at Sarawak DAP for making wild and malicious accusations, which he described as unacceptable and completely irresponsible, against the BN government.

He said all the opposition party could do was to criticise every single move the government made and every word BN leaders said, highlighting that the people were yet to see any corresponding increase in the service quality of DAP elected representatives despite the whopping increase in their salaries not too long ago.

“They are still doing what they did ten years ago – lip servicing the people,” he said in a press statement yesterday.

Rather than contributing constructively, he claimed that DAP leaders preferred to play a destructive political game in order to gain mileage but always had excuses that they were not in the government for their inability to address various issues.

“People are getting frustrated by this type of irresponsible and immature attitude, many are wondering what good did they get for casting their votes to get the DAP candidates elected if all they can give is lip service, leaving the real jobs to the government,” he said.

He reminded DAP leaders to be cautious in their speeches and criticisms because they are not only public figures but also professionals in their respective fields, and things they say can influence a lot of minds.

On the crime situation, he said the BN government had taken proactive measures to address the problem and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had declared war against crime.

“But this can only work when the people work hand in hand with the authorities. What DAP should do, rather than pointing fingers, is to come out with feasible solutions and work closely with the government. This is what can really benefit the rakyat.

“It is my wish that with the formation of SUPP Central Youth’s Crime Prevention Task Force, we can bridge the gap between the general public and the relevant authorities and particularly in this case, the enforcement agencies such as the police,” he said.- 

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