Tuesday, 4 June 2013

`Don’t accuse for the sake of accusing’

KAPIT: The Youth leaders of PRS Pelagus, Baleh and Belaga should refrain from making any statement if they did not have first-hand information about what Pelagus assemblyman George Lagong did soon after the overloaded express-boat Kawan Mas sank in Belaga on May 28.

Putai Baleh Cooperative Bhd chairman Wilfred Nyawai said it was unfair for Ellison Silo Bilun (Pelagus), Bakat Gira (Baleh) and Kennedy Chuk Pai (Belaga) to criticise Lagong on the eve of Gawai Dayak for not doing anything for the victims of the ill-fated boat when in fact he (Lagong) did spring into action.

Nyawai admitted that Lagong was not around when the incident happened but the moment the tragic news reached him he immediately arranged for his assistant and good friend Tuai Rumah Bujah Ejau to go to the scene to offer a helping hand.

“Bujah left Kapit at 10.30am and arrived at the scene at about 2.30pm. He managed to ferry back 11 survivors. How could the trio (Ellison, Bakat and Kennedy) simply make negative comments about George without knowing the details?”

Among others, Ellison said about 90 per cent of the victims were believed to be from Pelagus but Lagong had not been seen even at the wreckage site since day one of the incident.

Kennedy, who is part of the search-and-rescue team, said Lagong also did not show up to meet the team, while Bakat claimed he had received many complaints that Lagong seldom visited his constituents.

Nyawi said the three Youth leaders should not accuse simply for the sake of trying to sully the name of others.

He challenged Ellison, Bakat and Kennedy to “mind their own business” and turn their focus on helping the folks of Baleh who, he claimed, were plagued by problems.

“Just focus on the welfare of Baleh folk, and influence your minister to expedite the construction of roads and other basic infrastructure such as rural clinic, agro station and schools.”

Nyawai pointed out that Lagong was not a “trumpet blower” and was always concerned about the welfare of his constituents even though he did not have any minor rural project (MRP) allocations.

“He visited the people from time to time and offered his personal assistance using his own means. When he gave aid or visited his constituents, he seldom announced it to the world,” said Nyawai.-theborneopost

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